Living on coffee and a prayer, baby.

staying vertical day in and day out.

"Get down, get deeper and down.
Get down, get deeper and down.
Saturday night.”

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Truth, perception...we've saved the world - - worlds, even - time and time again. That's the truth. That's what we do. But the perception is that we're freaks, or worse. That we're Magnetos waiting to happen. We've been taking it on the chin so long, just trying to keep from being wiped out, I think we'have forgotten that we have a purpose. I know the rest of the world has forgotten. The point is simply this - - we need to get into the world. Saving lives, helping with disaster relief...we need to present ourselves as a team like any other. Avengers, Fantastic Four- - they don't get chased through the streets with torches - Cyclops 

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"Now she is going to make the Disney face. Her lip is going to quiver and her eyes will flutter but they won’t ever actually close but do not feel sorry for her!”

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